What is the best route into an online marketing career?

Technology has made a major difference to all our lives now. Who can imagine a world with no internet, emails, texts or social media? This is just as true for business, where the same technology helps organizations to succeed. One very popular career option when it comes to business is marketing. This is no surprise as marketing is at the core of every successful business and will always be an area into which business leaders put resources.

Marketing has also been greatly affected by technology in the modern business world. This has seen online or digital marketing grow rapidly compared to more traditional forms of marketing.

But what exactly is digital marketing, and why does it make a good career choice?

Digital marketing explained

In simple terms, digital marketing is marketing that happens online. Any kind of marketing activity that a company carries out digitally or online is included. This could be sending out emails to generate leads, engaging with customers on social media, or tweaking the company website’s SEO. As you can see, it is a varied and interesting role.

It is precisely this variety of work and interesting features that makes digital marketing so appealing as a career. Naturally, you will need a flair for using technology and a commitment to learn, but with these in place, you will be able to forge a career that you will love. Also, online marketing experts are always in demand, which makes it one career that should always see you in work.

How to get into digital marketing – get qualified

By far the best advice around entering online marketing for a career is to get qualified. This will make you more attractive to potential employers and also equip you with the skills needed to succeed. Holding an online or digital marketing qualification should also see you enter into any role at a higher level with a better salary.

Online marketing associates degree

If you are thinking of getting a qualification to help, then it is worth finding out more information. Online marketing degrees will offer a range of specific subjects covered and course structures, so it is worth finding the one that suits you the best. As you would expect, many now can also be studied online, which is perfect for anyone who cannot attend a course in person for whatever reason.

What other routes are there into digital marketing?

If you need some extra help around embarking on a digital marketing career, then the below should help:

  • Networking – breaking into a new sector can sometimes seem tricky, but networking can really help you out. You could do this online via a platform such as LinkedIn to meet people already in the industry or at business group meetings in real life. Doing this will allow you to become known in the industry, get relevant advice, and come across new opportunities to start your online marketing career.
  • Work experience – another great way to break into digital marketing for a job is to do some work experience at a digital marketing agency. While this may be for free, it can often pay off in the form of a job offer if you impress. While it may be basic work at first, this is often a superb way to get your foot in the door.
  • Set up your own agency – this is really only for those who know what they are doing as a digital marketer. However, if you are struggling to find a way into the sector, then setting up your own marketing agency online could be an option. While this will require lots of hard work to be successful, it will allow you to work in the career you love and also be your own boss.
  • Become an expert in one niche – although knowing the basics are essential, it does not mean that you cannot specialize in an area. This will actually help you get into digital marketing as in-depth knowledge in certain areas such as SEO or analytics are in high demand. Becoming this kind of expert will make you more valuable and employable than if you simply know the general basics that everyone else does.

A career in digital marketing is a smart move

The digital marketing sector is thought to be worth around $100bn globally now. This shows not just how healthy it currently is but also how central it is to the way that businesses work in the modern landscape. This makes a career here a smart move as there will always be employers looking to fill digital marketing roles and you will have skills that people are looking for. If you are looking at how to break into this lucrative sector, then the above should give you a head start.