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Should You Do Your Own Bookkeeping?

Do you own and or operate your own business? If you do than you are probably aware of all records, paperwork, and upkeep that you have to be involved in. From purchasing to customer interactions, there is a lot involve in running your own business. What about the books? Who does the bookkeeping in your business? Bookkeeping can be as hard or as easy as you make it. You should never be discouraged from at least trying to do your own bookkeeping especially if you own and operate your own business. According to an article, maintaining your own financial records can be a scary task to endure. However, with some time and taking a couple of classes, you can learn to be an expert bookkeeper. According to a finance article, you can set up a lot of your tasks as automation when you take advantage of bookkeeping software. Many of the software that is available today will help you not only with sales but with accounts payable and receivable as well as other bookkeeping tasks. However, even if you are not going to tackle your own books, you should still have an accountant on retainer in case you need help. Bookkeeping is not something that should be taken lightly. Some tips for getting to start with your own books include: acquiring accounting system software, budgeting for taxes, keeping track of financial records from the start, taking accounting and bookkeeper classes, and keeping all your receipts related to your business so that you can claim all your business expenses. According to another bookkeeper article, you should ask yourself these questions in order to see if you are able to keep your own books. The questions you should ask yourself are: Do you really want to be in full control? Can you allocate the time necessary to bookkeep? Do you even care about maintaining your books? Would doing your own bookkeeper make financial sense?

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What Happened to My Customers?

Being self-employed is a great life style for many people. It allows for schedule flexibility and creative flexibility but it also requires more effort and skills than a conventional job. Not only are you the one producing whatever widget is your company’s product or service, but you are also the one in charge of marketing, billing, customer service and pretty much everything that occurs to keep the boat afloat. So when you notice that there is a lull in business, you start to ask yourself why. There are many reasons that could come to mind, but you are at the center of all of them. Click here to learn more about the challenge of keeping yourself and by extension your business productive and growing.

As the saying goes, it’s lonely at the top. And this couldn’t be truer anywhere than it is when you own a business. All of your employees are looking to you for encouragement, approval and motivation. So what happens when you have a little crisis of faith or are just completely exhausted from working seven days a week for as long as you can remember? Chances are, you notice that everything is stalling or even worse, sliding backwards. You aren’t expressing the same genuine concern and interest when you are speaking to customers and as a result, they don’t feel as valued. They may be looking for another business who will make them feel as important as you did when you first started the company. Your employees aren’t feeling the same appreciation that they once did, so they are beginning to lose interest and motivation as well. Hopefully, they are not looking for a new place to work.

You will quickly discover that when you take a step back, everything begins to change. You are the driving force and the motivation. Without you and that, your company will flounder. Your epiphany is that nothing happened to your customers, it happened to you. And you need to fix it. Click here to learn how to re-motivate and reengage yourself and your employees. Your customers will return on their own.…

Get the Best Deals on Shopping

If your ultimate goal is to get the very best deals on shopping, you definitely need to start re-thinking just how you approach your regular shopping. While many people think that it is the end of the year holiday shopping that actually blows their budget, in reality, it is their regular shopping that ends up blowing things out of proportion.

If you are the type that is still conducting your regular weekend shopping trips at the mall, you are seriously missing out on some big savings opportunities. Take a regular pair of jeans, for instance. If you go into a mall with the intention of buying a pair of jeans, first off, you may not even make it into your intended store before you get sidetracked buying something else. Whether it is a new pet toy at the pet store, a $5 drink at the juice shop, or a gadget at the electronics goods shop, that trip to the mall is going to end up costing you a lot more than you had planned on spending, even before you set sights on your beloved pair of jeans. When you finally do reach the store selling your jeans, you are going to end up spending more at that store than you had meant to as well. Why is that? Stores are designed strategically to sell you items that need to be rotated, and they also have to include in the prices the cost of overhead, such as rent, utilities, and employee wages. If you are serious about saving a bunch of money, you need to avoid heading into physical stores altogether.

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5 Firearm Myths You Need to Know

In the past, state and federal policy has been very gun friendly. Consider the Supreme Court ruling of 2008, which struck down a handgun ban in Washington, D.C. The reasoning behind this ruling was that American citizens have the right to keep guns in their homes. In recent years, however, politicians and activists have been pushing for more and more gun control. Recent events have politicians, activists and the media asking what can be done to stop mass shootings. And the debates continue.

Unfortunate, recent events have also made the firearms industry even more “high risk” in the eyes of financial institutions. Making it difficult for merchants to find the payment processing services they need to operate. High risk providers, like eMerchantBroker, offer solutions through online firearm merchant accounts. These solutions make it possible to keep both customers and the business itself safe. Many gun businesses have turned to these alternative providers in their struggle to stay afloat.

Despite President Barack Obama’s executive action against guns, the majority of Americans still feel that the United States would be safer if more citizens were trained and licensed to carry concealed weapons. Those who understand their Second Amendments rights would also point out that there are many myths about guns that simply aren’t true. Myths that cloud the true nature of the firearms industry.

Myth #1 – The “gun show loophole” provides access to guns for anyone, even criminals

The belief that there is a so-called “gun show loophole” is simply a myth. There is no loophole in federal law that exempts gun show transactions from any other laws that apply to the sale of a firearm. The process of purchasing a firearm takes place with a federal firearms licensee (FFL) – wherever your location may be. That FFL then confirms whether or not you can legally purchase a firearm through one of two ways: (1) your information is confirmed by running a background check through the federal NICS database, (2) or you confirm you have passed a background check by presenting a government-issued purchase permit or a state-issued concealed carry permit.

Myth #2 –Gun shows lack law enforcement presence of any kind

Local, state and federal law enforcement are typically present during a gun show in either uniform or plain clothes. Their job is to monitor and intervene if firearms salesare suspected to be unlawful. Purchases made by prohibited individuals (including non-residents) and the attempted sale of any illegal firearms are also among the long list of activities they look out for.

Myth #3 –  Buying a gun is as easy as buying vegetables

In March 2015, President Barack Obama responded to a question about guns during a press conference by saying, “It’s easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable.”

Again, this is simply not true. Who, in the history of grocery shopping, has ever filled out a federal form 4473 and had a background check run before they were allowed to purchase lettuce? In addition, there are no federal laws requiring lettuce dealers to register with the federal government prior to their sale. There are also no waiting periods or limits on how many lettuces you can buy within a certain period.

The truth is, the manufacture and sale of firearms is highly regulated by the federal government. Not only does it take time to purchase a firearm, it is also an expensive process. Anyone who has purchased a gun would tell you that it is not as simple as picking up lettuce and brussel sprouts at your …

What Bandwidth Solutions Can You Expect From Trade Show Internet?

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