What Happened to My Customers?

Being self-employed is a great life style for many people. It allows for schedule flexibility and creative flexibility but it also requires more effort and skills than a conventional job. Not only are you the one producing whatever widget is your company’s product or service, but you are also the one in charge of marketing, billing, customer service and pretty much everything that occurs to keep the boat afloat. So when you notice that there is a lull in business, you start to ask yourself why. There are many reasons that could come to mind, but you are at the center of all of them. Click here to learn more about the challenge of keeping yourself and by extension your business productive and growing.

As the saying goes, it’s lonely at the top. And this couldn’t be truer anywhere than it is when you own a business. All of your employees are looking to you for encouragement, approval and motivation. So what happens when you have a little crisis of faith or are just completely exhausted from working seven days a week for as long as you can remember? Chances are, you notice that everything is stalling or even worse, sliding backwards. You aren’t expressing the same genuine concern and interest when you are speaking to customers and as a result, they don’t feel as valued. They may be looking for another business who will make them feel as important as you did when you first started the company. Your employees aren’t feeling the same appreciation that they once did, so they are beginning to lose interest and motivation as well. Hopefully, they are not looking for a new place to work.

You will quickly discover that when you take a step back, everything begins to change. You are the driving force and the motivation. Without you and that, your company will flounder. Your epiphany is that nothing happened to your customers, it happened to you. And you need to fix it. Click here to learn how to re-motivate and reengage yourself and your employees. Your customers will return on their own.