These Creatures Sure Aren’t Getting Well Wishes This Year – Or the Next, and the Next

When we were young, we were always taught to love the world and everything living on it. We were taught to love the earth, the sea, the sky, and everything in between. We were taught to love humans, animals, plants, even to give respect to non-living things. Throughout our lives we are taught so many things that we have already lost count. We keep hearing the same things at home, school, and even work – to the point that it’s impossible to even forget these things.

However, how many of us truly care for the well-being of others? Who among us have the wellness of the world in our best interests? With the way things are now, I dare not say that we have remained true to the teachings we have received while young. We do not love this world; we are slowly destroying it while selfishly claiming that we aren’t doing anything wrong.

Speaking of selfishness, one good example is the celebration of Christmas.

I know that you’re probably like “What? Why Christmas? There clearly isn’t anything wrong with Christmas? After all, we are made to think and believe that Christmas is the most beautiful, selfless, and forgiving time of the year. But while it is all of those things, it is also none of those things – at least not for all creatures.

Christmas is beautiful – for humans.

Christmas is selfless – for humans.

Christmas is forgiving – for humans.

It’s a human tradition so it comes to no one’s surprise that the only living thing it’s benefiting in this world is humans too. But how about the rest? There is practically thousands – no, millions of other life species out there. It’s not just us. We have other life forms on land that aren’t human. We have cows, zebras, elephants, cantaloupes, and many other creatures. We have other life forms living in large bodies of water, too. We have crustaceans, fishes, dolphins, and whales to name a few. Let’s not also forget our aerial friends living high in the sky.

While we’re enjoying Christmas, the rest of them are suffering from the aftermath. Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year. It’s celebrated in most countries of world by almost every family. It goes without saying that it is also a very big source of waste and pollution.

While you’re wrapping Christmas presents and hanging decorations on trees and around the house, have you ever stopped to think about where all of these things go after you’re done with them? Have you ever thought about how much waste we produce from gift wrappers alone? Have you ever considered who is taking the blow every time we celebrate this “most wonderful time of the year?

I really don’t think you have. Otherwise, you would’ve started rethinking your ways already.

This year, I challenge you. I know it’s still very early to challenge you, but still, I want you to give all of this some thought. I want you to think for as long and as hard as you could. What can you do to improve Christmas? Not just for yourself but for everybody else.