Find SPIFF Program Agency: Everything You Should Know About SPIFF

SPIFF is the employer’s program in which he/she pays an immediate and small bonus for sale to a salesperson. A perfect approach will create engagement with your customers and employees, especially if you create a program that will appeal to them.

The bonus does not have to be a cash incentive, but something that will bring value and trust to salespeople, such as reward, product, or free service at your company. By checking here, you will be able to learn how to calculate this particular incentive for IRS.

You should think of it as a bonus to a commission, but the main difference is that SPIFF is a faster approach than commission. SPIFF stands for sales performance incentive funding formula, and it is a common perspective that will increase your brand awareness, authority, and trust.

A Brief History of SPIFF

The first time the term became prominent was at the end of the 19th century by furniture industries, retailers, and restaurants among other sectors. They are common in the furniture, home appliance, and phone industries.

At the same time, this particular practice was common for businesses that wanted to lower carrying costs, reduce inventory, and get rid of old merchandise. The Benefits of Using a SPIFF

This particular program can provide you long-term brand recognition and visibility, which will increase the transparency of your products and make it stand out from others.

It is the best way to encourage a salesperson to push products more often than the ones that are not in the SPIFF program. Based on the experience, the efficient program will allow you to stand out from competitors.

The prime example was during the ‘90s of the previous century when the PC Wars were a common situation. The existence of personal computers allowed manufacturers to give incentives to salespeople with the idea of promoting and sell further the particular product.

IBM, as well as Apple, used this particular incentive to cut out other companies from becoming prominent, which brought them immersive success.

If you wish to use it for a short time, you will be able to increase sales numbers exceed or meet sales goals and reach the profit margin you wanted. In this particular aspect, a manufacturer creates a SPIFF program to reward each salesperson for selling different products.

One of the incentives could be offering ten dollars for each baseball bat sold during the weekends. After each period passes, the salesperson has to submit sales figures to the manufacturer with an idea to get the check based on the program regulations.

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Therefore, if a salesperson sold a hundred bats, he/she would receive a thousand dollars, which is a nice bonus when compared with other incentive programs. On the other hand, it does not have to be limited to a single product, but it can be used for multiple products, and it can vary.

By following the previous example, the SPIFF could be different for each product, which means that you would receive $20 for gloves, $15 for a uniform, and $10 for each bat sold.

In case you are a reseller, you will be able to generate more profit than you could without it. Similarly, as with slotting fee that requires a manufacturer to pay a shelving space, you will be able to demand it, and they will pay the bonuses to your employees instead of you.

The Downsides of Using SPIFF

However, it comes with certain disadvantages, because using this particular approach will lower your prestige as a salesperson. At the same time, you will be able to use it to promote bad behavior or poor habits.

For instance, for government purchases, SPIFFs are illegal, according to the US Department of Justice. The main reason for that is thatthe salesperson will have a bias due to the incentive fee, which means that recommendations will not be based on truth.

You can easily find a SPIFF program agency that will help you create a perfect program based on your capabilities.

It is important to remember that SPIFFs are taxable, and the IRS thinks of them as incentive pay, which is why they follow under 1099 MISC Commission. Therefore, you have to track them accurately and report them unless you wish to live dangerously. Finally, you should watch for misuse and fraud when it comes to this particular program. It can also be expensive because you will have to afford the fast commission to salespeople, which is something you need to plan.