Despite what some reports say, retail is not failing. Even with the massive success and growth of online giants like Amazon, traditional retailers still have the advantage. Retail may be changing, but it is still thriving in many ways. As we head into another busy holiday season, consider the following advantages traditional retailers have over online retailers.

Shopping frequency

Shoppers are able to visit physical stores – supermarkets, drug stores, mass merchandisers, etc. – multiple times throughout the week. On the other hand, consumers make purchases online far less frequently. Numerator’s Shopper Insight Series Survey says 76 percent of consumers shop at the local grocery store once a week. Forty-one percent of respondents say they shop on Amazon once a week or more.

Sign-up concerns

Understandably with all of the seemingly endless security breaches, shoppers are reluctant to give their credit card and email info to online stores. This works in traditional retailers favor, since it prevents online vendors from gaining the upper hand.

Supporting local

Not always reflected in shopping behavior, there is an advantage for traditional brick and mortar retailers in that they are staffed by local workers selling local products. This means they are also paying local taxes and supporting the local community. This advantage is especially evident when shopping the produce aisles of a local grocery store.

Simpler returns

Returning products to a traditional retailer is much simpler than trying to return them online. Many traditional retailers will accept a product even if it’s sticking out of its original torn packaging. While returning purchases in person can be a hassle, returning them online is much more complicated (re-boxing, shipping, waiting for a refund, etc.).

Hands-on interaction

In most cases, shoppers want to be able to touch, smell and sometimes taste new products before they buy. This hands-on product interaction is so important that brands invest millions each year on displays, free samples and demonstrations. The ability for shoppers to interact with products is still incredibly important. This is something online retailers simply cannot match – the in-store sensory experience.Are you searching for ways to help your retail store stand out from your online competitors? Consider giving your brick and mortar location a fresh new look. Making even the smallest of changes like new furniture can improve the atmosphere and enhance the customer experience. If you need help with space planning or need Los Angeles office furniture, reach out to the experts at Trader Boys. …